SPECIAL MEETING:  Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 7:00 p.m. 

@ Village Hall, 115 E. Evergreen St, Sheridan, MI

Dashboard, Citizens Guide, EVIP, Projected Budget

 As part of Public Act 63 of 2011, the Village of Sheridan is participating in the Economic

 Vitality Incentive Program.  Below you will find links to the Village’s Dashboard and Citizens’ Guide:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Village of Sheridan Dashboard

Village of Sheridan


Welcome to the Village of Sheridan

The Performance Dashboard includes the financial and operating measures that are most important to the government and its citizens. Meeting this criterion requires the local unit to report on measures such as fiscal stability, economic strength, public safety, quality of life and other measures for the local unit that are relevant to the local unit's strategic goals and objectives. Click on the above link to view the Village of Sheridan's performance dashboard.

Sheridan, population 649, is near the center of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and is an equal distance from the large cities of Lansing, Grand Rapids, Mt. Pleasant and Big Rapids. We have a variety of downtown businesses including grocery stores, The Bobber Shop, Dog Town Smokehouse restaurant,  V.F.W., community center, salons, auto parts store, funeral home, bowling alley, ice cream shop, consignment shop, tire store, chiropractic office, hospital, medical offices, plastics factory, lumber yard, churches, fire station and smokehouse for training and education, bar, post office, bank, hardware store, automotive/ whizzer dealer and the Sheridan Village Office.

Katie Arwood and Judy Hardy of White Pine Library have put a lot of time and effort into compiling an Excel spreadsheet of Sheridan Cemetery that is very informative.  Sheridan Cemetery



Village of Sheridan Citizens' Guide


The purpose of the Citizens' Guide is to provide a more transparent understanding of local unit finances by the citizens. The intent is to provide a simple graphical presentation of the most important financial measures, in a manner that can be easily understood by the average citizen. While the local unit has flexibility regarding the contents of the Citizens' Guide, it must include recognition of its unfunded liabilities. The local unit has the latitude to create the guide in a manner best suited for the local unit. Click on the above link to view the Village of Sheridan's Citizens' Guide.

Tenant 2: Consolidation of Services



The Village has developed a report detailing the ongoing cooperation agreements and consolidation efforts the Village of Sheridan maintains. This report also proposes several new areas of possible cooperation and consolidation.

Tenant 3: Employee Compensation


Tenant 4: Projected Budget

www.villageofsheridan.com/Debt Service Report-2.pdf























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